Remember when he played for the Pens?

Today’s quick pack was a 91-92 season pack of Parkhurst.

Hearing all the great things about the current edition of the Parkhurst collection made me wonder what it was like when it was first brought back into the hockey scene.

Never seeing these cards before, I was impressed with their simple style. Rookie cards simply had a small patch on them in the upper-righthand corner that said “Rookie” – no elaborate redesign to emphasize the player’s entrance into the league.

Regardless, opening this pack was fun.

I recognized a few of the names from this particular pack of cards, but I knew some of them would be too early for me to remember. Pat LaFontaine and Tom Barrasso were two names that I immediately recognized, being former Sabres. Derian Hatcher was another familiar name whose rookie card surfaced while I carefully looked at each of the twelve cards in the pack.

This seemed to be a great way to add depth into my new collection, as well as add a few more rookie cards to keep an eye on.

Pack Contents (Base):

  • Pat LaFontaine
  • Theo Fleury
  • Ed Belfour
  • Tony Granato
  • Steve Thomas
  • Jaromir Jagr
  • Tom Barrasso
  • Perry Anderson
  • Doug Lidster
Rookie Cards:
  • Derian Hatcher
  • Jim Paek
Higher Number Card:
  • Mark Messier – 1000 points
A few Hall of Famers, a rookie I’ve heard of, and a few former Sabres made this pack definitely worth opening!

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