I’m excited to kick this first 2 weeks 2 days series off with a pack of Artifacts.

Base card for Artifacts 08-09, Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy

The Artifacts hobby box breaks that I watched on YouTube made me really appreciate the design of these cards, and the possibility to get something worthwhile. I know that the non-hobby packs don’t include as many (or any) of the cool things I’ve seen in the videos, but having a few of these cards still seemed pretty cool to me.

The packs come with five cards, and have a chance to get a few different interesting inserts. For this particular series, I will open the pack, and write about each card as I look at it in an attempt to capture any excitement I may have! So without any further waiting, let’s open the first pack of the series!

Card #1:

J.P. Dumont base card, from the Nashville Predators! I would never argue with getting a Dumont card, as he played very well for the Sabres for a long while.

Card #2:

Patrick Roy, wearing a jersey for the Montreal Canadians. I guess Artifacts base cards also included players who were already retired. Needless to say, I don’t have any or many Patrick Roy cards – so this is neat to have!

Card #3:

Joe Sakic base card. That man will be in the Hall of Fame some day.

Card #4:

Saku Koivu base card.

Card #5:

Jordan Stall base card. The thorn in Buffalo’s side returns to round out this pack. Still, it is neat to have his card, as I’m sure he’ll get much better in seasons to come.

I’d say a relatively basic first pack for this series. The Patrick Roy card was probably my favorite of the five, seeing as he is probably the most notable name – along with Joe Sakic. No Sabres in this pack, but I’m sure over the course of the next 15 packs I’ll see one or two.

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