To bring the first week off this ridiculous blog to a close, I figured it would be fun to grab a few non-hobby box packs of Artifacts off eBay. Since I don’t want to spend my life savings on cards, I figured this would be the best way to begin building my (new) collection!

I purchased two boxes total: one of 08/09 and one of 09/10. With some restraint, I’ll open one pack a day from the day I get the boxes, giving sixteen days of pure excitement!

I’ll be starting with the 08/09 box first, to get the disappointment of expired redemption cards out of the way. Then I’ll move onto the next season’s box. I know since these are not hobby boxes, there is a good chance I’ll just get a few dozen base cards. However, there is always that faint glimmer of hope that I’ll get something extra special and definitely worth keeping.

This was the whole reason I wanted to start collecting again in the first place: to revisit the feeling I’d get when opening a store-bought pack of sports cards. The small chance I’d get something amazing was always overpowering. Even if I didn’t get anything out of the ordinary, I knew that my odds grew even better for the next time I’d buy a pack of cards.

With this 2w/2d series, I’ll have at least some chance of getting something fun!

If this works out well, I may just get a few extra boxes and keep going. Who knows, maybe this will be fun!

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