Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

A.K.A. (The Captain Pack)

After getting a few Hall of Fame caliber players yesterday, I come into today hoping for a few current players. I know with the packs coming from a normal $19.99 box, there is not as good of a chance to get any inserts, so I am paying more attention to the players themselves. So far, I’ve liked the players I’ve drawn. Here’s to hoping that luck continues as we open pack #2!

Again, just as last time, this will be a pack of Upper Deck Artifacts 2008-2009! Let’s see what we get!

Card #1:

Sidney Crosby (base card) was the first player to come out of this pack. Despite the fact he hasn’t played yet this year, he still seems to be the most talked about player in the NHL. This is my first card of Crosby in my collection, so I find this a great way to start the pack!

Card #2:

Bill Guerin in Islanders gear (base card). It’s amusing how I always think of Guerin as a Dallas Star instead of an Islander, but I guess that just seems to happen.

Card #3:

Daniel Alfredsson (base card) is the next player to come out of this pack. I guess this will go nice with the gold Victory card that I drew of him just a few days ago.

Card #4:

Jarome Iginla (base card) of the Calgary Flames was next. I feel like he’s always been a very good player, so this is pretty cool to have! I believe this is the first card I’ve drawn of the Flames captain.

Card #5:

Last card is… Patrick Marleau of the San Jose Sharks (base card). He still has his captain’s “C” on his sweater in this card, even though we know Thornton is the new captain of the team.

I like how these older cards, even if only four seasons old, act as a time capsule back to the storylines and personalities of that season. I remember when Marleau stopped being the full-time captain (and was rumored to be traded around the deadline), when Guerin joined the islanders, and when Crosby was named captain at such a young age.

This pack in specific was intriguing, because all five players drawn are wearing a captain’s “C” in their photo. If I were to build a fantasy team, these players would more than make up for its leadership.

Still no inserts, but there is always tomorrow!

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