Marian Hossa

Another day, another pack. This one is coming a bit late because I went out to the movies to see In Time. It was very good, in my opinion, really giving a sense for how hard it is to live day-to-day. I could try to vaguely connect this to hockey cards in some way or another, but it honestly doesn’t do justice. People live day-to-day for many reasons – whether it be financial, societal, or medical. As the movie showed, a little kindness could go a long way – even if you don’t have much to give. If I were to transition this into card collecting in any way, one person helping out can be seen here, at the 2:30 mark of the video. He founded as a way to distribute repackaged cards to those who maybe cannot afford it.

Seems like a great charity, so check it out if you get a chance.

Anyway, today’s pack of Artifacts includes…

Card #1:

Dany Heatley (base card) for the Ottawa Senators. This guy tormented the Sabres for countless numbers of years with both Ottawa and Atlanta. He always seemed to find a way to shut us down. To be honest, it is a little unnerving seeing him again in an Ottawa sweater. Thank goodness he’s in the West now.

Card #2:

Jack Johnson (base card) of the Kings! Our first defensemen of the series. It seriously took long enough to get one! The year this card was printed, Johnson really only played one full season with the Kings. Now, he’s stuck with the Kings for at least the next seven years. He’s sure to keep plugging away!

Card #3:

Alexander Steen, then of the Maple Leafs (base card). Since this card, the guy has worked his way into becoming an alternate captain for the St. Louis Blues, as well as grabbing a few twenty goal seasons.

Card #4:

Phil Kessel, then of the Bruins (base card). This guy started this season (11-12) at a torrid pace for goals. He is turning out to be a decent deal for the division leading Leafs (still feels weird to say that.)

Card #5:

This series apparently wouldn’t be complete without drawing a Penguin… kind of. Marian Hossa, in Pens gear, listed as a Detroit Red Wing is the final card for today. I never really noticed how odd it was to see a player wearing one jersey, while listed as playing for another… regardless, Hossa has been a force in the league for years. He rounds out today’s pack.

Not a bad group of players to draw in today’s pack for the day. Still no left wings, but hopefully that changes soon!

Check back tomorrow!

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