Patrick Kane, (Thankfully) Not a Penguin

Patrick Kane, (Thankfully) Not a Penguin

In need of a good distraction today, so this should give me a few minutes just to think about something different for a small amount of time.

Halfway through the first of two blaster boxes of Artifacts, and pack five of the 08-09 version is on the way…

Card #1:

Manny Legace, St. Louis Blues (base card). A goaltender is pretty cool to get, especially one who I thought could be great for the Red Wings long-term.

Card #2:

Mike Cammalleri (base card) of the Flames (at the time), wearing a Kings jersey. Another example of a card showing one jersey, but playing for a different team.

This guy was great for the Kings for his first few years there, and now torments the East on the Montreal Canadians. Seems to get injured in some way every season since he left, but still a solid player.

Card #3:

Jason Spezza of the Sens (base card). This guy has driven Sabres fans crazy, and probably the Sens fans too… as only 20 fans showed up to the “Save Spezza” Rally when he was going to be traded/cut/removed from the Sens.

Card #4:

Patrick Kane (base card). The Buffalo boy makes his debut into my card collection. Hooray…

Card #5:

Henrik Zetterburg (base card). On the upside, my 2 weeks/2 days fantasy team now has a left wing!

Not a bad pack. I’m sure the Kane card will be somewhat of a commodity in Buffalo if I ever tried to trade it or give it away.

Opening this pack made me feel a little better. No Penguins this time around and getting a card of a local boy seems to be a small victory for the end of this Sunday night.

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