I couldn’t help myself but to open an additional pack for tonight, so I grabbed one of the older packs off the shelf and decided to see what was inside.

This pretty heavy pack of Upper Deck 1990-1991 seemed to be a good choice, as it was wrapped differently than all the other packs available. The back of the plastic ripped right open, and felt kind of like a time capsule, as these cards are over twenty years old just coming out into daylight for the first time.

Surprisingly, there were a few names that I recognized… and one that seems to be popping up almost every time I open a pack from a new set…

This particular pack was pretty Ranger heavy, including a complete line of Rangers – Turcotte, Ogrodnick, and Gartner. Patrick Roy made another appearance with a slightly time-worn goaltending card (just a small knick in the corner, but it happens with these old packs, I guess.) One Buffalo Sabre made his way into this pack as well, as Phil Housley wearing an “A” surfaced as the second last card.

In terms of more difficult to get cards, I’d hazard to guess the Minnisota North Stars checklist (featuring Brian Bellows) and the All-Rookie Team Rod Brind’Amour will top the list in terms of value. But who knows, maybe a checklist was included with every pack.

Anyway, the results are as follows:

  • 22 – Phil Housley, Buffalo Sabres
  • 42 – Bill Ranford, Edmonton Oilers
  • 61 – Dave Christian, Boston Bruins
  • 124 – Paul Coffey, Boston Bruins
  • 140 – Steve Kasper, L.A. Kings
  • 153 – Patrick Roy, Montreal Canadians
  • 258 – John Ogrodnick, New York Rangers
  • 274 – Darren Turcotte, New York Rangers (apparently a rookie card, according to Beckett)
  • 277 – Mike Gartner, New York Rangers
  • 308 – Brian Bellows / North Stars Team Checklist
  • 347 – Rod Brind’amour All-Rookie Team
  • 383 – Frantisek Musil, Minnesota North Stars
Again, Roy ends up being the most valued card. Sometimes I wish I could have seen him play live, but I suppose I just wasn’t into hockey as much when I was growing up.
Either way, that was fun – extending my little 5-card per day limit by just a tad 😛

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