Zach Parise

There were two points today where I was going to open this pack and write up a blog.

The first time was around 5pm, when I was debating whether or not to make dinner or wait until the Sabres game started. Looking at the local news, I noticed the thunderstorm outside was actually a tornado warning. So while I was glued to the television, I figured I’d destract myself from the pending destruction with a pack of cards. I never ended up doing it though.

My second point of actually sitting down to get ready to open cards and write was around 8pm. I was going to open this pack in the middle of the Sabres game, losing hope that my team would show up to finally pull out a win. However, I stuck with the game and eventually watched Derek Roy be reunited with Vanek – resulting in some much needed offense that won us the contest.

Now, in a good mood from reclaiming the #1 spot in the Northeast, I can finally get to opening today’s pack!

Here we go!

Card #1:

Ales Hemsky (base card) of the Oilers. I don’t know much about him, other than remembering hearing his name A LOT during the Stanley Cup Finals back in 2006.

Card #2:

Carey Price (base card). The man the Sabres defeated today in a shootout makes his appearance in this pack. I actually had an amusing video sent to me by a friend while we were discussing former goaltenders in the league. I’m surprised I don’t remember seeing this myself when watching this game. Regardless, he’s still a good goaltender.

Card #3:

Patrick Sharp of the Blackhawks (base card) is the third card in the pack. His stats on the back of the card reflect the beginnings of how much he has grown since becoming a member of the Chicago hockey club.

Card #4:

Zach Parise (base card). A lot has happened since this card was printed… Parise missed most of a season with an injury, signed a contract, and became a captain.

Card #5:

Final card for today is Ilya Kovalchuk (base card). Wearing a Thrashers jersey in the photo, Kovalchuk now plays alongside Parise in New Jersey. I wonder what he would have been like in Winnipeg…

There we have it.

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