Got back from a deflating loss by the Sabres to the Devils. Myers was back, with two goals and a bone crunching hit, but it wasn’t enough. Their goaltender once again showed why he’ll eventually be headed to the Hall of Fame.

Anyway, I’m excited to be done with the box of Artifacts 2008-2009! This is the last pack from this box, so let’s see if it actually was really filled with just base cards… I have a feeling it was!

Card #1:

Paul Stastny of Colorado (base card). 70+ points in his first two seasons, and still full of potential.

Card #2:

Daniel Sedin (base card). Wouldn’t it be funny if his brother was in here too?

Card #3:

Nicklas Backstrom (base card). Just one year short of a rookie card.

Card #4:

Brad Richards (base card) wearing the Stars uniform. Man, this guy’s value skyrocketed after this past offseason. Fielding meetings just to negotiate? Top centers get paid, and that  is just what New York (Rangers) did.

Card #5:

Ironic last card. The whole box was a bust when looking for anything that could be rare. So why not get a bust for the last card? Rick DiPietro (base card).

Well, that was fun. Still a bit bummed I didn’t get a single insert, paralell, or Sabre… but whatever. That’s what I get for buying a retail box!

Artifacts 2009-2010 starts tomorrow!


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