I was in the mood to open just one more pack for the night. I’m growing impatient waiting for the next box to start, seeing as the first box of retail Artifacts has kind of been a bust. But then again, I expected it – it was a cheap box, and I just wanted some cool Artifacts cards to start my collection.

This pack of Parkhurst seems pretty cool. It says it has an “Emerald Ice” card, so I’m interested to see what that means.

These are the neatest looking cards from an older set I’ve opened yet.

I snuck a peak at the last few cards in the pack on accident, and saw the familiar blue and gold… so I know the last card is a Sabre. I’m going to go through these cards one by one like I do for the 2w/2d packs.

Card #1:

Edmonton’s Brian Benning. I’ve never heard of him, but his short stat line suggested that he had moved to get to Edmonton. I’ll have to look him up later.

Card #2:

A strange looking card with a Swedish flag on both the front and back. It appears to be a “rising star” insert, featuring Flyers goaltender Tommy Sodertstrom. Such a neat looking card, with the blue and gold flag waiving behind the player.

Card #3:

Quebec Nordique Stephane Fiset. He doesn’t appear to have played many games for the team.

Card #4:

Dave Tippett. This guy played hockey? Just kidding. I know him better as a coach. He won the Jack Adams in 2010.

Card #5:

Jim Hiller of Detroit, a Calder Candidate card. Yay for rookies!

Card #6:

Bob Beers, playing for… the Lightning. This has to be the team’s inaugural year… look at those old jerseys!

Card #7:

The second half of the pack starts with Randy McKay of the NJ Devils. He’s another player I’ve never heard of.

Card #8:

There’s a Buffalo Sabre. Brad May found his way into this pack. Seeing as I also apparently had his rookie card in my baseball box as a kid, this is a good way to add to his collection…

Card #9:

Steve Yzerman, All-Star insert. I think this may be the first Steve Yzerman card I own. Very cool.

Card #10:

Tony Granato, of the Kings. This guy was great probably just up until this card was printed, then he stopped scoring.

Card #11:

Some kind of “Dynasty” insert. Rick MacLeish of the Flyers. I really like the front of the card, with the Broad Street traffic sign and picture of the arena drawn into it.

Card #12:

Lastly, a shiny logo’d Doug Bodger Buffalo Sabres card. “Emerald Ice” is kind of underwhelming, but it is good to get it of a Sabre.

That was fun. This pack had the highest number of different styled cards than any other pack I’ve opened yet. I’m going to have to look them up and see if any of them are remotely rare, which I doubt – seeing as most of these cards have been around for almost 20 years.

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