Artifacts Star - Ovechkin

A whole new blaster box of Artifacts! This time, we’re going to be using Artifacts 2009-2010!

I’m excited to see how these cards differ from the ones of the previous year’s set. These eight packs will conclude our first 2 weeks and 2 days series.

Let’s check it out!

Card #1:

Luke Schenn of the Maple Leafs (base card). Just what I wanted… a Leaf.

Card #2:

Andrei Kostitsyn (base card). I’m already kind of impressed with the way these cards look.

Card #3:

YAY! An insert! Artifacts Star Alexander Ovechkin, numbered 977/999! For all those other packs from the last set being a bust, I’m happy to get something at least somewhat rare out of this pack!

Card #4:

Jason Spezza (base).

Card #5:

Henrik Zetterberg (base).

Well, that is totally exciting! Getting something I didn’t expect from the first blaster box pack! It probably means there won’t be much more, but still, that’s pretty cool.

I like the design of these cards just as much as I did for the year before. They don’t seem as thick of a material as the 08-09 version, but still seem really sturdy. I’m pretty sure Artifacts is going to be my favorite set for quite a while to come.

I’m perfectly content with what I drew 😀 The high serial number of the Ovechkin card probably hints that this box was one of the last ones shipped out, but that is still pretty exciting to finally draw a limited insert.

Pack #2 tomorrow!

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