Tenth pack of cards in the series today! Since I got something out of the ordinary yesterday, the odds are that I won’t get anything today – or for the rest of the week. But we’ll see.

I also grabbed two lower-tier hobby boxes to open after this series is over. I’m waiting patiently, but seeing those factory sealed boxes on my desk is pretty tempting. Especially since I know one of them has an autograph in it!

Here we go!

Card #1:

Mike Modano (base card). I remember watching his retirement just the other day. He was a great player, despite the fact that he played for a team I pretty much hate.

Card #2:

Cam Ward (base card). The Sabres play the ‘Canes tonight, so this one is relevant. While I also greatly dispise the ‘Canes, I have to admit that Ward is a great goaltender.

Card #3:

Wojtek Wolski, Colorado Avalanche (base card). One of the few left wings I’ve drawn during this series. He has always played fairly well, but is probably more memorable for his name than anything else.

Card #4:

Devin Setoguchi (base card). A good player for the Sharks who would definitely hurt you offensively. It will be interesting to see how he does on the Wild.

Card #5:

Last card is Teemo Selanne of the Ducks. A man who has played with many teams, but mostly the Ducks. He will almost definitely make the Hall of Fame.

Pretty decent players, but not as star-studded as yesterday. Only six packs left to go!

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