YEAH! Time to open another pack of cards!

To be honest, I just want to finish this series. I never knew just how… useless (?) blaster boxes were. There is very little of value, and the odds of getting some kind of insert are relatively poor. While I mentioned I love that feeling of potentially getting something amazing, there is a weakening feeling from knowing there might be nothing at all over eight packs – as seen in the Artifacts 08/09 box.

I do love the look of the Artifacts cards, but I’d probably settle for hobby box packs in the future.

Now, the exception to this feeling is when opening those older packs from the early ’90s. I think it is AWESOME to see the older players, even if they are base cards. I don’t mind as much about finding inserts in those, because the sheer history of them is too much fun to research.

Anyway, Pack 11…

(Yeah… I’m still a sucker for a new pack of cards anyway. Just ignore what I said.)

Card #1:

Chris Osgood (base card). A man with a whole bunch of Stanley Cup rings… Must be nice.

Card #2:

Marty Turco (base card). Another long time goaltender. Instead of Stanley Cup rings, this man owns franchise records.

Card #3:

Tomas Kaberle. Great for the Leafs, traded to the Bruins to win a Cup, and now a goat in Carolina. Oi. What a career.

Card #4:

We have a winner (at least for my personal collection.) Jason Pominville (base card) of the Sabres, wearing the ugly slug uniform, makes an appearance. Awesome.

Card #5:

Mason Raymond of the Vancouver Canucks (base card). Kind of a bitter ending to the pack, knowing how his career would end up.

I’m happy to get the Pominville card. That’s always a positive! I guess it just reminds me why I open a pack of these retail cards every day!

‘Till tomorrow, have a great night.

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