Sidney Crosby returns to the NHL tomorrow for his first game since being concussed. While the guy is good for the league by giving it a “face”, I’ve always felt his attitude was a bit “meh”. The league needs more clean-cut personalities.

With basketball on hiatus, this is hockey’s chance to solidify itself as a far superior league… until next year’s CBA debacle.

Anyway, onto the cards.

Card #1:

Goaltender Tim Thomas (base card). Little did anyone know when this set was released, that he’d become the goaltender of the year and lead his team to a Cup.

Card #2:

Marc-Andre Fleury (base card). Just a few years before the Bruins won the Cup, this guy helped his team to a championship as well… Could there be a trend in this pack?

Card #3:

Another player who played in the finals… but didn’t quite win. Ryan Kesler (base card).

Card #4:

Joe Thornton (base card). Doesn’t quite have the “C” on his chest in this photo… but he is playing for the Sharks.

Card #5:

Andrei Markov (base card). Injury prone, but a pretty high scoring defenseman.

Good cards today. I’d write more, but I’m not feeling all that great. Maybe I’ll elaborate on things tomorrow.

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