Only a few packs left in the series! Then we move on to more valuable things.

This series may be the only one of its kind. I’m thinking about changing the format after these last few packs are finished, mostly because I have transitioned the focus of this blog towards opening a pack a day. Before this started, I figured I’d only be getting a few packs here and there, but I’ve decided to invest a bit more money into the hobby, and will be opening one hobby pack each day until the end of the year.

I scoured eBay for some cheaper hobby boxes, and seemed to have found a few. I’ll announce which sets they are soon, but I will say that they will be more recent – and probably a mix between two or three different seasons and brands.

Onto today’s pack!

Card #1:

Mikko Koivu, Wild (base card).

Card #2:

Peter Mueller for Phoenix (base card). He has been solid, but not particularly a “star”.

Card #3:

Jordan Stall, Pens (base card). The first player to show up in both of the two boxes. The Pens played well today, with the (over advertised) return of their captain. Stall is always a big part of that.

Card $4:

Jakub Voracek (base card) for the Blue Jackets. This is his sophmore year card.

Card #5:

Jeff Carter, wearing Flyers gear (base card). Little did he know, he’d be traded after signing that fairly large contract. To be honest, I hope he succeeds in Columbus. That franchise needs some help.

Cool beans. Only three packs to go!

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