Three packs left, then we start on some boxes that could potentially be more fun.

The Sabres have their big rematch with the Bruins tomorrow night. From the interviews with the players, it seems as if many of the Buffalo players have put that last game behind them. Boston has no reason to come into Buffalo and start fights, so if anything does happen, it will most likely be instigated by the Sabres.

I’m excited to see how that unfolds.

Today’s pack-

Card #1:

First card is a good one (at least for me). Ryan Miller’s base card! Good to see a card with the crossed swords logo on it again. I’m happy that this pack could start with a Sabre!

Card #2:

Peter Budaj of Colorado. A decent goaltender… but this card seems to be misprinted. Instead of wins and losses, it has goals and assists. Very bizzare card.

Card #3:

NOW THIS is cool. Ron Hextall game used jersey. The first jersey I’ve ever pulled from a pack of cards. Very neat ūüėÄ The upper-left hand corner appears to have been slightly knicked during printing, but it is hardly noticeable. I just may keep this card, kind of like how people keep their first dollar!

Card #4 and #5:

Seeing as nothing could top the last two cards, I’m combining these two. Simon Gagne of the Flyers and Drew Doughty of the Kings.

This definitely made my day. I never expected to get something so cool out of a blaster pack.

Awesome. Just awesome.

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