Despite losing to the Bruins today, I thought the Sabres had a pretty good game. A lot of positives came out of the physical play, but Boston showed once again why they are the hottest team in the league.

Still a fun atmosphere.

This is the second last pack of cards in the series, then I move onto a mix of some other sets for a while.

Card #1:

Patrick Berglund of the Blues (base card). I know nothing about him… That is kind of a surprise. I guess some research is in order.

Card #2:

Tomas Vokoun (base card). I feel like I already got this card at some point… Maybe it was the previous box of 2008-2009 cards.

Card #3:

Andrew Cogliano of the Oilers (base card). Another player I don’t know too much about, but at least I can recall seeing him play. Must be all these Western teams that we don’t see often in the East.

Card #4:

Jarome Iginla (base card). Always has been a great player and great leader.

Card #5:

Paul Kariya, playing for the Blues on this base card. I remember him better as a Duck.

Some good players. One pack to go!

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