One of the boxes I’m going to be opening over a longer term is Upper Deck MVP 2008-2009 Hockey! This set looked interesting to me, due to the large number of different inserts that could be found in it. There are jerseys, autographs, rookie cards, numbered cards, and a few different variations of each. While the cards themselves may not be as high of value as some other sets, I liked the options that this set provided. The other box that will be opened in conjunction with this one also contains similar inserts, but there will be more on that one in the future.

The 2008-2009 season has a few good rookies that I’d be interested in finding, so having a 1 in 2 chance of getting a rookie per pack are good odds for filling out my collection. While I had fun with Artifacts, I missed having such good odds of an insert. This box should lighten my mood!

So without any further waiting, I present the first pack of this new box!

I’ll be opening the packs the same way I opened the Artifacts packs, by going through each card one at a time. There are eight cards in each pack, so this will follow a similar length and format.

Either there is something really good in this particular pack, or these packs are MUCH thicker than the Artifacts ones.

Card #1:

Vincent Lecavalier, Lightning (base card). I really like the light blue edging on this card. Very crisp looking. The silver autograph looks great. Overall, I really like the design of these base cards.

Card #2:

Oft injured, but powerful forward Martin Havlat of the ‘Hawks is next (base card). I find it curious they don’t list the player’s position anywhere on the card.

Card #3:

Jiri Tlusty of the Leafs (base card). A second year player at the time of this card, I haven’t heard much of him since.

Card #4:

Miroslav Satan, playing with the Islanders in the photo, but attributed to the Penguins (base card). The Sabres leading scorer, or so it seemed, for a long time. Happy to see him go, sad to see him succeed.

Card #5:

Stephen Weiss of the Panthers (base card). Always seemed like a solid third liner.

Card #6:

Trent Hunter of the Islanders (base card). I always wanted this player on my NHL video game team. For some reason, he could hit harder than anyone else. He’s since gotten a few games in with the Kings.

Card #7 – Gold Parellel:

A gold parallel card of Henrik Sedin, numbered 043/100! Very cool card to get in my first pack! I immediately see why hobby boxes are better than normal boxes!

Card #8 – Insert: 

An apparent insert called Magnificent 7s. Guy Lafleur of the Canadians, referencing a conference finals game from the 70s against the Bruins. That’s a neat insert! I didn’t see ones like this on the back of the box, so this is kind of cool to get!

Bonus Card?:

Nope. Just an advertisement blank filler card. Whatever.

I really enjoyed opening this pack. Getting a gold parallel card is really neat to me, as serial numbered cards were the reason I had my interest piqued in cards again. This is very cool.

I can’t wait to open my next pack! Thanks for reading!


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