Back to the SP Authentic box for today’s pack of cards! Here’s hoping for another Sabre today!

Card #1:

Guillaume Latendresse, second year base card for the Canadians. I had to really look at the card to copy his name down right. He has since been traded to the Wild, where he has played well – but only when he’s healthy.

Card #2:

Patrik Elias (base card) of the Devils, base card. Second day in a row that Elias has shown up in one of the two sets. Now I have him in both it seems!

Card #3:

Henrik Lundqvist (base card). I constant presence in the net. As much as I dislike the Rangers, it would be nice to see him win a championship one day.

Card #4:

Mike Modano (base card) of the Stars. An all-American player and seemingly better broadcaster than anyone else on the Versus intermission report.

Card #5:

This pack ends with David Vyborny (base card) of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

All base cards today, but that is to be expected sometimes.


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