I’m super excited to open this pack! Swapping between two sets of hobby boxes is WAY more fun than using the retail blaster boxes.

The dummy cards tease me as I open these. I always hope for something super rare. Regardless, this should be another fun pack of MVP! Let’s see if I do any better this time!

Card #1:

George Parros of the Ducks (base card)! I love the way this guy plays, despite being an enforcer. It is even funnier to think he is a Princeton graduate!

Card #2:

Ian LaPerriere of the Avs (base card). He had been in the league 14 seasons at the point this card was printed. Absolutely amazing, considering his low point count… but then again, role players find places to stick around.

Card #3:

Patrik Elias, New Jersey (base card). A mainstay for the Devils for a while. This is a nice little base card to have.

Card #4:

Jonathan Toews, second year base card. Chicago’s star player continues to put up big numbers.

Card #5:

Brian Rafalski (base card), playing for the Red Wings at this point. Known mostly for his work with the Devils, he falls into the same category as Elias as a “nice to have” card.

Card #6:

Justin Williams, for Carolina (base card). This appears to be the season after missing a large chunk of time due to injury.

Card #7:

Marc Savard, Bruins (base card). Plagued with injuries, we’ll see if he ever plays again.

Card #8 – First Line Phenoms:

First Line Phenoms card of Thomas Vanek! Notch another win for my personal collection!

Great finish to this pack! I was worried I wouldn’t get something really thrilling!

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