I wanted to open another quick pack, so I grabbed an older one out of the pile of eBay packs.

Score ’91 it is!

Base Cards

  • Ron Francis, playing for the Pens. He played a long time in the league, but I don’t quite remember him as a Penguin.
  • Neal Broten, playing for the North Stars. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of him, so I’ll have to look him up!
  • Scott Young, Penguins. Both he and Francis were traded at different points in the prior season from the Whalers. Very interesting.
  • Vincent Damphousse of the Leafs. I vaguely remember him.
  • Dino Ciccarelli of the Capitals. A “premier sniper for over a decade”.
  • Steve Yzerman of the Wings. The first player I definitely recognize other than Ron Francis.
  • John MacLean of the Devils. He’s wearing the Christmas jersey!
  • Thomas Steen, of the first Winnipeg Jets team. The father of Alexander Steen.
  • Kris King, of the Rangers. Another player I’ll have to look up.
  • Yves Racine of the Red Wings. Geez, I probably never heard of a lot of these guys because I was four or five when the pack has come out.
  • Bob Errey, of the Penguins. Another scorer for the Penguins.
  • Mike Craig of the North Stars.
  • Larry Murphy of the Pens.
  • Here’s a Sabre. Tony Tanti? Traded from the Penguins.
  • Lastly, Brian Mullen of the Rangers.

Strange statistics about this pack. Four Pens, and a handful of North Stars and Rangers. Very interesting.

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