I find it great how I really look forward to opening a pack of cards every day! I have had a nasty habit in the past of starting hobbies and forgetting about them in the matter of a few weeks. But this particular point in my day is always welcome!

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to get a box of Upper Deck Series 1 11-12 tomorrow, to open alongside these cards. I may stagger these sets a bit more as I open the Series 1 box, but I still plan on getting it – thanks much in part to the gift certificate I got today!

And now, for another exciting pack of MVP Hockey!

Base Cards

  • #19 Johan Hedberg, Atlanta Thrashers
  • #66 Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks
  • #71 Paul Stastny, Colorado Avalanche
  • #92 Brad Richards, Dallas Stars
  • #131 Brett McLean, Florida Panthers
  • #265 Michel Ouellet, Tampa Bay Lightning
  • #279 Steve Bernier in a Sabres Jersey, for the Vancouver Canucks

Rookie Card

  • #340 Derick Brassard, Columbus Blue Jackets

Another Blue Jackets rookie? That’s fine.

More to come tomorrow!

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