Surprise! A quick pack of this year’s Artifacts to add to my collection! I’m super excited to open this pack, as it is my first ever hobby pack of Artifacts. I’m hoping to get something good.

Card by card breakdown:

Card #1:

Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks. I believe this is a base card.

Card #2:

Jordan Eberle, Edmonton Oilers. Another base card.

Card #3:

Andrei Markov, three color patch! This one is green, and numbered 14/35. Wow, this might just be the nicest card I have ever pulled from a pack of cards to keep in my collection so far… Probably has some trade value too!

Card #4:

Jarsolav Halak, St. Louis Blues base card.

Card #5: Bonus card?

Despite saying there are only four cards in the pack, I got a fifth. Kyle Okposo for the Islanders base.

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