Starting a few new box breaks, considering the Score and MVP breaks are getting towards the end. This box is Series Two for 2008-2009, and we’ll be doing it long term (since the holiday season is over, and I’m back to just a single pack a day). The other upcoming box break will be done intermittently, every fifth post.

Pack number 1!Base Cards

  • #262 Jason Williams, Thrashers (slightly off-cut)
  • #272 Teppo Numminen, Sabres (slightly off-cut, upper left corner knicked)
  • #331 Zach Stortini, Oilers
  • #338 Cory Murphy, Panthers (slightly off-cut)
  • #421 Radim Vrbata, Lightning
  • #431 Jason Blake, Maple Leafs
Victory Rookie Card
  • #304 Mitch Fritz, Islanders

The New Guard

  • NE8 Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers

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